Car rearview mirror rain guard

Car rearview mirror rain guard

Car rearview mirror rain guard

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Our car rearview mirror rain guard is waterproof, rainproof, anti-reflective, and anti-oil stain, It can solve the trouble of not seeing the rearview mirror on rainy days. Rearview mirror rain shield has three PET protector membrane and one nano-adhesive layer hydrophobic effectively, improving driving visibility. It has a high transmittance, resistant to strong light reflections, reduces dazzle light, relaxes visual fatigue.


  • Scope Of Application: Universal designed Rear View Mirrors dimming Protective Film for Car, SUV, Truck, Trailer, moto, helmet, etc, which fits all standard size of side mirrors and side Windows.
  • Additional Protection: Protecting your side wing view mirrors from unwanted scratches, smears, dust, and dirt; recommending 2 to door mirrors, 2 to side windows screen corresponding side viewing spots.
  • Easy To Install: Water repellent film just take a few minutes to install it to your rearview mirror directly, squirt a little water on the mirror, install the protective film to the mirror and adhere it, Please Use the scraper to clean the inside air and ensure no air bubbles after installation.


  • Main Material: Plastic Fiber
  • Item Weight: 10g
  • Features: Rainproof
  • Package included: 2Pcs/set
  • Size: 100x100mm,100x150mm
  • Color: Transparent