Adjustable Pet Mouth Muzzles

Adjustable Pet Mouth Muzzles

Adjustable Pet Mouth Muzzles

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When you think about the type of dog that wears a muzzle, you probably picture a giant dog with rippling muscles and bared teeth, snarling and chomping at the bit. While this is the typical image that accompanies a dog muzzle, the truth is that muzzles can be used for virtually any breed of dog


  • Soft & Lightweight Muzzles For Dogs: Mesh design gives all-around mouth protection allowing canines unrestricted eating, drinking, and panting while preventing biting. A soft muzzle for dogs used for safe socialization, safe handling during vet visits, grooming, or dog traveling. Five size muzzle for a small dog to a large dog.
  • High Quality, Durable Nylon Material: Practical and reliable dog muzzle is made with high-quality black nylon material, designed to be well-fitting and long-lasting. The interior of the muzzle has extra soft padding providing the ultimate comfort for your pet. Minimize restraint and injury to dogs.
  • Safe & Firm Dog Muzzle: Ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will remain securely in place and features two attachment points using an attachment loop designed to attach to your dog’s regular collar and an over-head safety strap, Dogs can't easily get rid of these muzzles.
  • Effectively Prevents Biting & Chewing: Once properly in place, this mesh muzzle for dogs is highly effective at preventing your dog from biting, barking, and chewing. Keep the muzzle tight enough to control his bite, but loose enough to allow freedom to pant and yawn. Dogs are our best friends and we must think of them carefully.


  • Type: Muzzles
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Dogs
  • Season: All seasons
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Feature: Quick Release